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Asia News Agency's main service is theweekly news journal, News Behind the News (NBN). The journal is designed to meet the requirements of the India based diplomatic community and it has been doing so exclusively for last 31 years. There is no such journal available to diplomats in the whole of South Asia. NBN also caters the requirement of executives of multinational companies, joint ventures, banks, FIIs, libraries, researchers and scholars; in fact any individual or institution concerned with India specific information.

This service is the only one of its kind in India and South Asia. News Behind the News analyses, week after week, the various issues and developments taking place in India with reference to political developments; issues concerning India's economic, fiscal and financial policies in the post-liberalisation phase; India's relations with its neighbours and with the world community; India's Defence and Space policy etc. It provides a complete overview of all significant issues in India and South Asia.

News Behind the News is being subscribed to by a majority of the India based diplomatic community, by all Indian Missions abroad, by the Ministry of External Affairs, by key government Ministries, by foreign News Agencies and the Business community, apart from major libraries and institutions. News Behind the News is available in micro-film form at the Library of the US Congress.

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What News Behind the News covers

News Behind The News analyses news week after week under the following regular chapters:

Indian Polity

Major developments during the week
Strenghts and weaknesses of the world's largest functional democracy
Ideologies and philosophies of the ruling and opposition parties
Revival of Hindu fundamentalism
Communalism and new caste realignments
Situation reports on Kashmir, Punjab, North East and other insurgency ridden states
Human Rights issues etc
Indian Security
covers matters relating to Defence and Space
Major developments during the week
Security scenario in South Asia
Military strategies and threat assessments
Defence policies vis a vis India's neighbours
Nuclear balance of terrror between India and Pakistan
R&D effort: development of missiles, MBT, aircraft and weapon systems
Future of India's space programme
Development of indigenous Satellites and Launch Vehical technologies etc

Foreign policy

Major developments during the week
Internal developments in China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, etc
India's relations with its neighbours and her responses to regional conflicts
Assessments on the security scenario and balance of power in South Asia
Regional alignments : future of SAARC
South Asia as a nuclear free zone
Human Rights issues in South Asia etc
Major developments during the week
India's policy responses to the emerging new world order
India's relations with the international community of nations
Indian policy position on critical issues in Kosova, West Asia, Africa, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Central Asian Republics etc
India's views and responses to CTBT, MTCT, NPT and other control regimes
Special coverage on visits of foreign dignitaries to India etc

Indian Economy

Major developments during the week
Broad spectrum of economic reforms initiated to globalise India's economy
Crucial economic and financial developments
Highlights key indicators of the economy
Reviews industrial, trade, exchange rate related policy perspectives for achieving the goals of macro-economic stabilisation and of the structural adjustment programme
Identifies foreign trade and investment opportunities
Latest updates in Exim (Export / Import) policy etc


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